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MOT Youth Lacrosse Club


  Spring 2021 Registration

The season opens with practices that take place on Saturday March 6 and March 13, times to be announced.  Starting on March 15, practices will shift to every Monday and Wednesday with a start time of 6:00 pm, ending at dark or no later than 8:00 pm.
Games will begin April 10, concluding on May 22. There will be no games scheduled on Easter weekend but note that there will be games scheduled on Mother's Day weekend. 

For returning players, please note that we are changing leagues this season from the Delaware Youth Lacrosse Association (DYLA) to the Eastern Shore Youth Lacrosse Association (ESYLA). This change comes about as we find the DYLA was reduced to three (3) clubs, including our own. And due to COVID-19 constraints and other issues, the remaining two DYLA clubs have decided to move to an alternative format this year. In order to hold together our proud, community-based program, MYLC sought opportunities with an established league and found that opportunity with the ESYLA. This league shares our values of developing youth athletes with a focus on fair competition. We will compete against familiar clubs like Smyrna and Milford while expanding competition to include clubs from Kent (MD), Camden (DE), and Queen Anne’s (MD) among others. 

We know that this depth and breadth of exposure will allow us to grow MYLC's program and continue to challenge our athletes in new and expanded ways. Returning families are accustomed to the typical travel that comes with playing lacrosse on the Eastern Shore. Travel for play in the ESYLA will look generally the same with the potential for one or two away games taking us back to locations outside of Salisbury or Berlin, MD.

We trust that each and every family will embrace this new opportunity as the Board, Coaches and all volunteers look to maintain the values, principles and philosophies that make up the foundation of MYLC for over 20 years. Please join us on Thursday January 28th at 7:00pm for an informational zoom call to discuss our upcoming season. 
Zoom Link: 

ESYLA will follow the US Lacrosse age grouping for Youth Lacrosse. Age segmentation is based on the player's age on September 1, 2020 and not their grade. If you are not sure which team to register your player, there is a chart from US Lacrosse posted in Club News. To use it find the row corresponding to the month of your players birthday and move across to the column of the corresponding year.
There is more information about the  US Lacrosse age segmentation breakdown here: https://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/rules/USL_AgeGroupChart_20_21.pdf.
To register your player, go to the registration portal based on your player's age.
You will not be able to register your player for a team that is outside their age group. 
All players must have a current US Lacrosse membership in order to register with MYLC. 
See instructions below for obtaining or renewing your player's membership.

The ESYLA clubs rely on US Lacrosse membership for insurance coverage. Every player and coach on the field, as well as the board members, must have an active US Lacrosse membership for the duration of the season in order for us to have this coverage.  
The registration process will take you to the US Lacrosse website if your player's membership needs to be initiated or renewed. You will then be returned here to complete the registration process. US Lacrosse membership cost is $30. It is good for 12 months and includes a six month subscription to Lacrosse Magazine.
We have found that it is best to access the US Lacrosse membership portal from a desktop or laptop computer and not from a mobile device. If you use a phone or tablet to access USL you may encounter an error or it may freeze up.
If you are on a laptop or desktop and encounter any errors registering with US Lacrosse, contact the US Lacrosse Customer Support Center at 410 235-6882 #102.
Uniforms are purchased by players. If you have a uniform from last year, you do not need to purchase another. The uniform will consist of shorts, shooter shirt and a reversible jersey. The cost is $61. A link will be provided on the website to place the order once the store is open.
The deadline for ordering uniforms is February 18th.
This year you will have the option to pay the registration fee in installments. When you register your player you will need to pay $50. The balance will be broken up with a portion due in January, February and the balance due at the start of the season in March.
(MOTYLC Registration Refund Policy: 100% before Feb 1, 75% before March 1, 50% before March 15.)
The US Lacrosse Membership fee and uniform cost is non-refundable.